Superman-43-1-600x910Superman #43

DC Comics

Written by Patrick Gleason and Peter J Tomasi

Art by Patrick Gleason and Joe Prado

Colors by Stephen Downer

Jon Kent’s life continues to become more complicated as he continues his role as Superboy and those complications are about to hit him from multiple sides.

What he doesn’t know is that he is being watched and the person watching him has a very close connection to the Man of Steel. As this spy gets ready to continue surveillance of Superboy, something comes through the closed portal in the barn and heads straight for Metropolis. Lois and Clark are enjoying a rare evening at home together as a storm gathers outside and Jon finds an unexpected visitor in his bedroom; Boyzarro.


As Jon tries to find a way to bond with the alien, Boyzarro’s actions prompt a visit from Superman. As Boyzarro attempts to stop Superman and escape with Jon, Superboy must get a crash course in how to deal with a Bizarro from his father. Hopefully, before the entire city suffers the consequences. Boyzarro learns something from Jon and the three of them find a way to help. Back at the portal, another denizen of Bizarro-World emerges and he is a starkly different version of a familiar face than we’ve seen before.

Superman and company decide that the best course of action is to take Boyzarro and his friend home. As they encounter Loiz, Bizarro arrives and he is not happy. As the two come to blows, we see that there is another threat on Bizarro-World growing that none of them thought of.

This was a fun issue. It was nice getting back to Bizarro-World and seeing the family aspect of the familiar character. At the same time, it was a great achievement to maintain the level of writing required to write a Bizarro centric story and this one was worth reading.


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