Game of Thrones creator George RR Martin takes viewers on their first look at his new series coming to SyFy this fall.

CS 67 26th October 2010

Nightflyers follows the small crew of a ship called the Nightflyer. It’s crew, including its reclusive captain and ship board telepath, are sent to explore the edge of our solar system in order to successfully contact alien life. After discovering something unknown, the crew begin to experience terrifying and violent events as the crew turns on each other.

The footage SyFy had available showed some of the interiors and some behind the scenes footage along with Martin giving a wink to the audience about the series being “Psycho in space”. Take a look at the footage and tell me what you think.


Nightflyers is based on a novella by George RR Martin and was ordered to series in January. No release date has been given.


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