superman-4-6Superman #4

DC Comics

Written by Brian Michael Bendis

Art by Ivan Reis

Inks by Joe Prado and Oclair Albert

Colors by Alex Sinclair

Letters by Josh Reed

Earth is still trapped in the Phantom Zone and Rogol Zaar has teamed up with Kryptonian terrorist Jax-Ur to begin their final assault on Superman’s adopted planet. Superman himself is taking on their combined forces as the League members not affected by the planet’s changing atmosphere are trying to help everyone they can.


As Kal fights for the planet, he calls in Ray Palmer to STAR Labs. The Atom and Flash try a desperate plan to remove the planet from the Phantom Zone and Superman has a private talk with Jax-Ur before turning his attention back to Rogol. As they continue their battle and Superman clears all the Phantom Zone villains from the planet, Clark recounts teaching a lesson to his son that he learned from his own father. A lesson that might be the difference between life and death for the planet and the man of steel.

Bendis does a great job of ramping up the tension in this issue. The story is moving at a really good pace and I like how Bendis is growing Superman as a character. I like that Superman is a smarter character in this storyline and that he is planning more. The fact that he is working on a plan with Atom while letting his enemies think he’s just playing defense. I do hope that this story gets resolved in the next issue only because I don’t think that the tension can be dragged out much longer.

Ivan Reis has some great artwork in this issue. There are some great panels with amazing details in them. The art does a great job of keeping pace with the narrative and both work well in creating a really good, action packed issue.

Superman #4




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