TheWeatherman_05-1The Weatherman #5

Image Comics

Written by Jody Leheup

Art by Nathan Fox

Colors by Dave Stewart

Letters by Steve Wands

The day-to-day of life on Mars continues as a young man finds himself trying to earn the trust of a shadowy group of individuals. Unfortunately, his recruitment is cut short when he is exposed and dealt with accordingly. I have a feeling this encounter is going to foreshadow something interesting and unexpected to come later.


As the auction continues, Garren and Amy have it out about her plan and the two come to an understanding about the risks and the stakes involved. The host of the sadistic game show that is offering the opportunity to torture Nathan to the highest bidder decides to reveal a little about his back story to his captive as the hunt for Nathan continues and all the entities and people after him, including Amy stop at nothing to reach the captures Weatherman. But considering the psychological torment he’s being put through, there’s no telling what they’ll get when they finally rescue him.

I continue to be a fan of how broad and daring this series continues to be. Leheup continues to create a world and a journey for these characters that is full of unexpected twists and turns as well as interesting levels of character depth. There are lots of things happening on this ride and each issue is more intense than the last. I continue to be impressed with how dense this story is, but also how much mystery remains to be told. Even the character evolutions are getting interesting, especially Amy. I can’t wait to see where this goes.

Nathan Fox continues to push the art in this issue to untold levels as both the action and characters get more intense with each page. The sequence of events that lead to the final page in this issue are inspiring in how they ramp up the tension while also being unpredictable and fun.

The Weatherman #5




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