InfiniteDark_01-1Infinite Dark #1

Image Comics

Written by Ryan Cady

Art by Andrea Mutti

Colors by K Michael Russell

Letters by Troy Peteri

It’s the end of the universe and Director Deva Harrell is recounting the end of humanity in a simulation that shows the reader how the last colonies of humanity attempted to reach the last outpost before reality itself ended. Thousands of ships converging on the station destroyed one after the other. The psychological toll on Deva is something that the powers that be on the station want to measure because she is the head of security on a station that holds the last remnants of humanity.


In this new universe, reality has collapsed. This means that the station they are on floats in a space devoid of stars and planets. The reality of it seems to have gotten to one of the stations other directors. He’s kidnapped his neighbor and run off to one of the abandoned sections of the station and when Deva catches up to the two of them, he tries to convince her that there is something else out there and it is trying to reach them.

The first issue of Infinite Dark is really intense and immersive. I like the premise because it amplifies the emotions of the reader. There is a sense of claustrophobia because of the circumstances that the characters find themselves in and the vast unknown amplifies the tension and drama of the issue. There are so many potentially interesting directions that this story can go in.

The art by Andrea Mutti is amazing. There is so much detail in both the characters and the backgrounds. There are some truly great moments that are showcased with the use of shadows. I found myself enjoying this first issue and wondering what’s going to happen next.

Infinite Dark #1




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