SM_Cv19Superman #19

DC Comics

Written by Brian Michael Bendis

Art by Ivan Reis

Inks by Joe Prado, Danny Miki, Julio Ferreira and Oclair Albert

Colors by Alex Sinclair

Letters by Andworld Design

The Rundown: In the aftermath of Superman’s revelation, his world changes but old threats remain.


In a meeting with Perry White in his office at the Daily Planet, the professional ramifications of Superman revealing himself to be Clark Kent come forth as Lois stands by his side. In the aftermath, Clark receives some unexpected reactions from his co-workers and the moment allows him to move forward with his new life in the light. Unfortunately, he has to keep himself mindful of the possible threats he faces in the wake of living his truth.

At the same time, the new United Planets decides on a place to formally meet. As they make their decisions, their meeting is interrupted by Mongul who is not at all happy with the new sense of unity in the galaxy and is determined to upend it. When Superman arrives to protect the leaders, the fragile peace they are attempting to form threatens to shatter.

The Story: This is a pretty quiet and subdued issue, which is what makes it work so well. Bendis doesn’t go for anything too big in the beginning and takes the time to lay out the circumstances of Clark’s new life post reveal, which I appreciated. There is a moment in the bullpen that is really sweet and comforting and played out naturally rather than overly sentimental or saccharine. The Mongul reveal is well done and paced to showcase that threats continue for the Man of Steel despite his newfound freedom. A well done issue from start to finish.

The Art: Reis provides some dynamic visuals in this issue. With the story being more character focused, Ivan Reis delivers a lot of expressive character moments throughout and the action is focused and brilliantly done.

Superman #19




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