Far Sector #3

DC Comics

Written by NK Jemisin

Art by Jamal Campbell

Letters by Deron Bennett

The Rundown: A Green Lantern cut off from the rest of the corps will find herself caught in the sociopolitical upheaval tearing at the heart of a fragile peace.

Lantern Mullein will find her current assignment more difficult when the rash of murders in this far sector of space brings forward some long dormant feelings from many of the populace. As she contemplates her unusual meeting with the Councilor, a protest breaks out that requires her intervention.


After using her ring to separate the feuding parties, she finds that the government has authorized the use of lethal force on the crowd. A decision that will put her and her power in direct opposition to her mandate and will make things even more difficult for everyone involved.

The Story: The story gets more thrilling in this issue with Jemisin ramping up the tension and the action. This is an interesting and engaging story with an even more interesting and dynamic character. Mullein continues to be a mystery that is unfolding as the reader is engaged in the murder mystery at the heart of the story and Jemisin does an amazing job of keeping both sides of the story intriguing and dynamic in both the plot and the dialogue.

The Art: Jamal Campbell’s art is breathtaking. Not only do the characters look remarkable on every page, but the art and colors are dynamic throughout and filled with beautiful details. Campbell manages to capture some truly unique alien environments in this series and every panel captures the eye and the imagination.

Far Sector #3




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