WONDER-WOMAN-Cv750Wonder Woman #750

DC Comics

Written by Steve Orlando, Gail Simone, Mariko Tamaki, Greg Rucka, Kami Garcia, Shannon Hale, Dean Hale, Marguerite Bennett, Vita Ayala and Scott Snyder

Art by Jesus Merino, Colleen Doran, Elena Casagrande, Nicola Scott, Phil Hester, Riley Rossmo, Laura Braga, Amancay Nahuelpan and Bryan Hitch

Inks by Vicente Cifuentes, Colleen Doran, Elena Csagrande, Nicola Scott, Ande Parks, Riley Rossmo, Laura Braga, Amancay Nahuelpan and Bryan Hitch

Colors by Romulo Fajardo Jr, Hi-Fi, Sunny Gho, Trish Mulvihill, Ivan Plascencia, Jay David Ramos and Mike Spicer

Letters by Pat Brosseau, Dave Sharpe, Deron Bennett, Rob Leigh, Gabriela Downie, Joshua Reed, Wes Abbott, Clayton Cowles and Tom Napolitano

The Rundown: In a massive 96 page event, the legacy, mission and personal life of Diana are featured as one story ends and a new one begins.


“The Wild Hunt” Finale

Orlando and Merino bring Diana’s current story arc to a dramatic end with Hera herself coming to confront Cheetah and Silencer willing to use lethal force to end the threat Cheetah poses. With the goddess and would be goddess locked in combat, Diana must use the full power of her lasso to bring the warring sides together and show them how Diana is the master of her destiny and will forge a new path on her own. A satisfying conclusion that not only forges a new path for the character, but ends with an unexpected and delightful twist.

From Small Things, Mama

Gail Simone and Colleen Doran offer a smart, sweet story about how even a hero needs help. When a young hero named Star-Blossom comes to rescue of people trapped in a burning building, she gets an unexpected assist from Wonder Woman. In the aftermath, Diana is invited to dinner at Star-Blossom’s house where her parents embrace her with open hearts. When Hippolyta arrives with sad news for the princess, the gathering becomes somber until Star-Blossom reminds Wonder Woman that even she needs support at times. A lovely story that doesn’t shy away from real emotion. Made me tear up actually.

The Interrogation

Tamaki and Casagrande offer a clever and fun tale that has an awesome twist ending. Wonder Woman finds herself in an interrogation room facing down a police detective who is curious about her proximity to so many disasters, especially a recent rash of bombings that Diana just happens to be there to rescue people from. As the interrogation continues, the detective will learn that Diana isn’t the one in the hot seat and the final reveal is both unexpected and satisfying.

Never Change

Greg Rucka and Nicola Scott tell a story of sacrifice and potential redemption as Diana enlists the help of Circe to perform a magical feat to save her most persistent foe. When Circe demands payment in the form of something dear to the Amazon, Diana offers it freely on the condition that Circe can deliver on her promise to help. With all the players in place and the ceremony beginning, only thing can end the villains pain and suffering, but it’s not going to be easy. A great story that reaches the heart of what Wonder Woman is willing to do to help anyone, even someone who has dedicated her life to making Diana suffer.


To Leave Paradise

Kami Garcia and Phil Hester reach back to Diana’s past as her restless spirit and curiosity send her on a mission to question everyone from her mother to her sister about life in the outside world. After getting different answers from those around her, circumstances conspire to push her forward to her destiny. A good back story with great dialogue, but it’s a story that’s been told many times.

Emergency Visit

Shannon and Dean Hale along with Riley Rossmo bring a lighter tale of home and family for Diana. After battling Kalibak, Diana is called home to Themyscira to help her fellow Amazons defeat an escaped Hydra causing havoc on the island paradise. As she fights alongside her sisters and mother, Diana gets the feeling that there was an ulterior motive to her return. A light story that has some fun moments.

To Me

Wonder Woman’s influence on those close to her is the focus of this story from Marguerite Bennett and Laura Braga. Both the power of the Amazon princess and the strength of her character inspire everyone who meets her and knows her and all of them take the time to recall their initial meetings with Diana as well as how she changed and influenced them. A sweet story that goes straight to the heart of what makes Wonder Woman such an enduring and endearing hero.


Vita Ayala and Amancay Nehuelpan deliver a story centered on Diana’s boundless compassion for everyone, including those that wish her harm. At an ARGUS recovery facility, Vanessa Kapatelis recounts a relationship with Diana Prince that started with Wonder Woman saving her life and almost ended when a failed experiment turned her into the supervillain Silver Swan. Throughout her time with Diana, the Amazon never gave up on her and did everything to help her. As she sits thinking about her friendship with Wonder Woman, she wonders if the princess has given up on her and if she’ll ever visit again.

A Brave New World

Scott Snyder and Bryan Hitch round out this issue with a tale of inspiration. With the world on the brink of war, the President and his advisers gather to deliver a speech that will bring the country into the conflict. As he prepares to address the gathered crowd and the nation, Wonder Woman appears to foil a potential assassination plot and inspires a generation of heroes in the process. A great story that highlights how important a character Wonder Woman is and how inspirational she can be.



Wonder Woman #750




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