Superman #16

DC Comics

Written by Brian Michael Bendis

Art by David Lafuente

Colors by Paul Mounts

Letters by Dave Sharpe

The Rundown: It’s time for Jon Kent to make a decision and in order for to make it, he will have to go visit an old friend.


Jon is back and older than he was when he left. Something that is going to come as a shock to the one person who doesn’t know yet, Damian.

When Jon returns to find Damian fighting off a group of Leviathan troops, he finds that his friend is skeptical about his intergalactic adventures to the point of accusing him of being Leviathan himself. After convincing Damian that he’s telling the truth, the pair fall back into Super Sons mode and dispense justice across the city until they finally have a moment to talk about everything that’s happened.

After returning to the fortress of solitude, Jon and his father have a final heart to heart before they are interrupted by a call to destiny.

The Story: This was a straightforward and bittersweet way to move Jon forward and Bendis does a great job of making the final moments between Jon, Damian and Clark feel special. If there is one thing that I didn’t connect with in this issue is the depiction of Damian Wayne. The characterization just didn’t seem to fit who Damian is and was played too light and childish for the character.

The Art: David Lafuente’s art is the perfect choice for this lighter tone of story and the action was amazing. I really enjoyed how the art helped progress the story.

Superman #16




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