Secrets of Sinister House #1

DC Comics

Written by Rafael Albuquerque, Rafael Scavone, Dan Watters, Paul Dini, Diego Lucero Lopez, Robbie Thompson, John Layman, Che Grayson and Bryan Hill

Art by Rafael Albuquerque, Summit Kumar, Cian Tormey, Phil Hester, Tom Raney, Jorge Fornes, Miguel Mendonca and Alessandro Vitti

Inks Ande Parks

Colors by Dave McCaig, John Kalisz, Romulo Fajardo Jr, Jeromy Cox, Hi-Fi, Jordie Bellaire, Bill Crabtree and Adriano Lucas

Letters by Tom Napolitano, Troy Peteri, Travis Lanham, Andworld Design, Rob Leigh, Steve Wands, Dave Sharpe and Willie Schubert


The Rundown: A series of stories taking part in the dark edges of the DC multiverse are featured in this issue.

A Nightmare Mist – Bruce Wayne is dead. The victim of the blood disease that is ravaging the city, Gotham mourns Bruce Wayne as Gordon laments the fact that vampires are taking over the city. When the Court of Owls sends  a new Talon to hunt for new recruits, Batman will emerge to stop the organization before they secure their next victim; Barbara Gordon. A well done short story with ominous undertones that strikes the right note.

Footsteps of Old Worm – Ryan Choi is tasked to find out what has been driving the construction crew at an old home insane. His trip down into the depths of the old home will uncover a sleeping menace that will rock the young hero to his very soul. An interesting short that could have been expanded.

Calling Dr. Bonkers – Zatanna is on her way to a show in Vegas and enjoying the quiet of the desert until she picks up a hitchhiker who happens to be Harley Quinn. As the two find themselves caught in a storm, they make their way to a clown themed hotel hiding a bizarre secret. A fun story that leaned too heavily on Harley Quinn, but has some funny moments.

Out of My Skin – Martian Manhunter enters a local swamp to track down a creature responsible for killing and skinning multiple animals and humans in the area. His investigation will lead him to another alien hiding in the swamp in search of something. Unable to communicate with the creature, Manhunter fights back, but when the opportunity to learn more about the creature presents itself, J’onn J’onnz will discover something more tragic. A well done monster story that has tones of classic misunderstood monster films.

Dreamweaver – Detective Chimp has followed the clues and found out where the rest of Justice League Dark has disappeared to. Unfortunately, setting them free from the demon holding them is easier said than done and when Bobo finally puts his detective hat on, he will discover that there is more to this threat than meets the eye. Didn’t really work in context with the rest of the issue.

House of the Dead – A family moves into a new home that they were able to purchase quickly and cheaply. What they don’t know is that there are secrets within the walls and a history that get them killed. When the family’s young daughter makes a new friend, they will find that the secrets in their new house might include the means to escape it forever. A great story with an awesome twist.

Fear 101 – Jessica Cruz will have to battle her anxiety as well as a haunted derelict ship full of killer aliens as she and Baz are tasked to find survivors on s hip headed towards a star. A good story that needed to be longer.

Hell is for Dreamers – The death of a starlet brings John Constantine to Los Angeles. Her violent murder and need for justice will prompt him to find the answers she seeks and the man who took her life. Unfortunately, the answers he gives her don’t satisfy and John will test her resolve to let go and move on in the most dangerous way possible. A great noir thriller style story that makes great use of Constantine as a character.


Secrets of Sinister House #1




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