SG_Cv23_enhncd_layered_R1Supergirl #23

DC Comics

Written by Marc Andreyko

Art by kevin Maguire

Inks by Sean Parsons and Wade von Grawbadger

Colors by FCO Plascencia and Chris Sotomayor

Letters by Tom Napolitano

Kara continues her quest for answers and those answers have taken her to the repository of information on the sentient planet Mogo. As she confronts the memory of the Guardian Appa Ali Apsa, she seeks to know more about the Circle and how they allowed Rogol Zaar to destroy Krypton. As she continues to get little to nothing in the form of an explanation, the projection of Apsa gives her an object that will lead her to the next part of her journey.


Unfortunately, Kara’s breaking into the archives has attracted the attention of the Green Lantern Corps and they are determined to end her quest before it can begin. Both Kyle and John are trying to get answers from Kara, but she doesn’t know who to trust and that leads her to attempting to escape from the planet with the crystal she received. As the Lanterns attempts to stop her, she gets help from an unlikely ally.

Kara’s quest continues to be interesting as a counterpoint to the action in Superman’s comics. Supergirl’s quest for answers does a great job of focusing the character and giving her a place in a larger story with consequences that have meaning to both she and her cousin. Andreyko paces this issue really well and gives Kara some great dialogue with Kyle. It’s gratifying to see those moments as friends and teammates play out because they add an additional dimension to the story and the character relationships.

Maguire has some really good art in this issue. I enjoyed how the art complemented the pace of the story and there were some great panels that help to illustrate Kara’s emotional state as well as her determination to escape.

Supergirl #23




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