MurderFalcon_01-1Murder Falcon #1

Image Comics/Skybound

Written by Daniel Warren Johnson

Art by Daniel Warren Johnson

Colors by Mike Spicer

Letters by Rus Wooton

As a monster ravages the streets, the only person that can stop their rampage is Jake. Armed with his guitar and some glorious metal licks, Jake calls forth his monster killing partner Murder Falcon to take on the beast. The first issue of Murder Falcon is huge on action, but it also takes the time to dive into Jake’s story in this first issue.


Jake used to be part of a pretty successful band and they were poised for greatness, but a personal tragedy derailed those plans and Jake is alone in his grief with everyone around him encouraging him to get back into playing. When a monster invades Jake’s home, he grabs his broken guitar to defend himself and that’s when things get interesting. His guitar is restored and the entity known as Murder Falcon emerges and takes out the creature with the power of Jake’s metal. Then the adventure begins.

The first issue of Murder Falcon is relentlessly fun. It starts with a ridiculous premise and leans into with so much style and commitment that the reader is drawn into the story. What also helps is that Johnson has imbued the story with both tragedy and heart. Jake’s story has a level of nuance that helps to balance the over the top action of the story. As much as I want to see the next battle and how that story unfolds, I am equally interested in Jake’s back story and the tragedy that drove him from playing.

Johnson does some great things with the art as well and what works with the story itself is how the human moments balance well with the great action scenes.


Murder Falcon #1




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