STL139019Strikeforce #4

Marvel Comics

Written by Tini Howard

Art by German Peralta, Max Fiumara, Marika Cresta, and Stacy Lee

Colors by GURU-eFX and Dan Brown

Letters by Joe Sabino

The Rundown: The team finds themselves in a Doctor Doom safehouse and their shared experiences might hold the key to the Vridai invasion.


After battling the defenses around Doctor Doom’s safehouse, the team makes their way inside with the comatose body of Count Ophidian. As he and the magicians take time to heal, they begin to share stories about their first encounters with the Vridai.

Bucky tells a story about his encounter in World War II on a mission with Captain America. Daimon Hellstrom recounts how the shapeshifters took the form of his former girlfriend. Jessica recounts a harrowing story of the creatures making her doubt her own child. It takes Angela to cut through the stories to the truth and Monica connects with a dark energy.

The Story: Tini Howard does a great job of making this team interesting and their stories compelling. Even with the twist from Angela, these are some great side stories that showcase who these characters are for the reader and what motivates them. The story has a lot of fun moments throughout as well. The tone is lighter and the environment the story takes place in lends itself to the kind of story Howard is telling. Definitely an effective and engaging story.

The Art: All of the artist bring some beautiful, detailed and varied visuals to this issue. From the main story to the flashbacks, each story complements the next.

Strikeforce #4




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