New Mutants #3

Marvel Comics

Written by Ed Brisson 

Art by Flaviano

Colors by Carlos Lopez

Letters by Travis Lanham

The Rundown: Armor and Glob go to find an old friend who has yet to come to Krakoa.

Armor and Glob continue to live life in the paradise of Krakoa, but both of them know that something is missing. Some of their teammates have yet to make the transition and they want to know why. When they discover why their friends Beak and Angel stayed behind with their mutant kids, Armor decides to travel to Nebraska to visit.


Armor brings something special with them to give to Beak’s dad. Something that will take away the only reason he and his wife and kids are staying behind. Unfortunately, the medical marvels coming from the island have attracted the attention of the wrong people.

The Story: This is a quiet, deliberate and sweet story from Ed Brisson. I love how this story progresses and even how it concludes. This story gives another look at the dangers mutants face in a world that now sees a value in them that they never did before. Everything about this new world is becoming more interesting and Brisson brings a lot of heart to this story, especially the family moments with Beak. You feel for the characters and even feel the danger they’re in towards the end. Great issue.

The Art: Beautiful art from Flaviano showcases both the characters and the awesome and detailed backgrounds. There are great visual moments throughout this issue from Beak’s father’s room to the menace from the men invading the farm.

New Mutants #3




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