Ghost Rider #3

Marvel Comics

Written by Ed Brisson

Art by Juan Frigeri

Colors by Jason Keith

Letters by Joe Caramagna

The Rundown: Danny Ketch gets a second chance at life, but the battle for Hell will drag him back into the fight against his brother.


After Danny’s run in with the new king of Hell, Johnny Blaze, the former Ghost Rider stripped his half-brother of his powers, threw him off a bridge and left him for dead. Now the King of Hell has his sights set on a new slew of demons who have escaped the pit and will follow them to the city of sin to send them back. Unfortunately, Blaze doesn’t realize that the forces aligned against him are driving him exactly where they want him to be.

At the same time, Danny makes his way back to his bar and tries to drown the last few days away, but the woman who saved him needs him to understand what will happen if the minions of hell are allowed to take back control. In a bid to understand what’s happened, Danny will go see someone close to him and learn some hard truths about his former life.

The Story: Ed Brisson takes the time to slow the story down enough to focus on Danny and his life. Unfortunately, this issue felt a little too safe in that regard. The obligatory conversation with his ex about what might have been is safe narrative territory and not that interesting in context to the rest of the story. Everything with Blaze is interesting and I wish it were explored more, especially the conspiracy against him. This was a fine issue, but not particularly memorable.

The Art: Juan Frigeri’s art is fantastic and the art does an amazing job of showcasing the powers of Blaze. Both the beginning and end of the issue are visually stunning.

Ghost Rider #3




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