Strange Adventures #6

DC Comics

Written by Tom King

Art by Mitch Gerads and Evan “Doc” Shaner

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: Mr. Terrific and Alanna share a quiet walk to get some answers as the memories of the war of Rann show a changed Adam Strange.

Michael Holt and Alanna Strange decide to go out and have a drink while they continue discussing the events of the war on Rann. As they walk the streets, they learn more about each other, but Holt has more questions. Specifically, questions about what happened to the couple’s daughter during the war. One of his questions will leave Alanna stunned.

On planet Rann, Adam and Alanna attempt to negotiate with the Pykkts. When negotiations fail, the war begins. With massive casualties on both sides, the fatigue sets in as both warriors not only fight hard, but are demanded to fight more battles everywhere help is needed. To make matters worse, something is happening to the two of them emotionally and something else could change Adam forever.

The Story: Tom King gets more personal in this issue with the conversation between Alanna and Michael. There is the hint of seduction on Alanna’s part and it is interesting to see how Holt deals with the situation while trying to get to the truth. The story on Rann is interesting as well with King showing the toll of relentless war on the characters. I really enjoyed how both stories come together and how Holt blindsides Alanna towards the end with a question I still want to see answered.

The Art: Mitch Gerads delivers some stunning art in the moments between Alanna and Holt. The scenes are beautiful to look at and are powerful in their subtlety. Shaner delivers some amazingly detailed and beautifully done battle scenes on Rann as well and both interludes enhance the story greatly.

Strange Adventures #6



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