Step by Bloody Step #1

Image Comics

Written by Si Spurrier

Art by Matias Bergara

Colors by Matheus Lopes

Letters by Emma Price

The Rundown: A young girl and a giant traverse a harsh landscape and its dangerous inhabitants.

A child sleeps in the hand of a giant moving through the frozen woods. As the armored giant moves throughout the snow, it finds itself facing vicious creatures as it tries to protect its charge. Unfortunately, another giant creature requires the child being put down in order to turn its full attention to the creature in front of it. As the battle rages in the background, the child discovers some of the hidden beauty among the snow.

In the aftermath, the child and the giant continue their journey through the world discovering new things and getting to know each other. Their journey will be filled with wonder, adventure and danger as the child is eventually introduced to others and it is revealed that there is something within the child that is unique to the world itself. Unfortunately, that gift will get the attention of dark forces who are tracking the child and its protector.

The Story: Spurrier crafts an absolutely beautiful first issue that wonderfully conveys story, conflict, tension and character without using words. The progression of the story draws you in and you take this journey with the characters both physically and emotionally. I cannot wait to see where this story goes next.

The Art: Bergara delivers some stunning art in this first issue. With the story being almost completely visual in its telling, the art conveys everything that the story is trying to convey and you take the visual journey Bergara is crafting.

Step by Bloody Step #1



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