Pacific Rim Blackout

Legendary Comics

Written by Cavan Scott

Art by Nelson Daniel

Colors by Nelson Daniel

Letters by Richard Starkings, Tyler Smith and Jimmy Betancourt

The Rundown: An invasion of kaiju will force the implementation of a devastating countermeasure.

With news choppers filming overhead, a kaiju battle rages across the city. Herc and his partner Coop aboard the Striker Beserker are trying to bring it down before it causes anymore damage. Unfortunately, one of the news choppers gets caught in the crossfire, but gets a last minute save from another jaeger. In the aftermath, Control continues to scan for new breaches as something begins to affect Herc. Something that lands him in the infirmary and effectively off the roster as a pilot.

When more breaches are detected, the reduction in their forces could cause the powers that be to order a Blackout. Something no one wants to happen. Herc and Coop jump back into the fight with other jaegers taking on the advancing kaiju. Unfortunately, multiple losses on other fronts prompt for Blackout to be engaged. With time running out and people they care about still in the city, Herc and Coop decide to disobey orders and go on a dangerous rescue mission complete with a new and unexpected threat waiting for them.

The Story: Scott does a great job of crafting both an intense and tension filled story while filling it with characters that the reader can connect with. The story is interesting and entertaining from the start and you feel like you’ve jumped back into the world of Pacific Rim from the first pages. I loved the interpersonal drama and the personal stakes for some of the characters. There is a lot of heart in this story and some great action throughout.

The Art: Nelson Daniel delivers some fantastic art in this issue. With all of the stories moving parts, the art does a great job of showing intense and beautifully brutal action, great character centered moments and awesome visual spectacle.

Pacific Rim Blackout



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