Dark Ages #5

Marvel Comics

Written by Tom Taylor

Art by Iban Coello

Colors by Brian Reber

Letters by Joe Sabino

The Rundown: The heroes move closer to Paris as the scope of Apocalypse’s plan is revealed.

In the aftermath of a devastating attack, the surviving heroes gather to say goodbye to a friend. At the same time, Apocalypse has a new task for Tony Stark and it will require Killgrave to follow them to a dangerous location to enact it. The group travels deep into the Earth where the Unmaker sleeps and Tony believes that he can contain the creature’s power for a short time. A feat that will give Apocalypse the power of the Unmaker. As all of Apocalypse’s brainwashed scientists get to work, Spider-Man has another problem to deal with.

Peter and the others set out to stop Apocalypse with the help of Deadpool and then the group stops to take a rest, Honey Badger, Laura and Blade prepare to hunt what it stalking them. What is hunting is something that has the power of two of Spider-Man’s deadliest enemies sharing the body of a former friend. With the combined forces of mutants, villains, geniuses and heroes, they fight back and discover what Apocalypse has planned for the world.

The Story: Tom Taylor brings some great action, thrills, tension and humor to this issue. After the dark tone of the last one, the lighter tone of this one is like a perfect balance for the reader. Bringing in Deadpool was a great choice and the moments between him and the rest of the team are great. The Apocalypse moments are filled with great tension and I am excited about where this story is going and how many unpredictable, risky choices it makes.

The Art: Coello has a wonderful art style and it is perfect for this series. I love the detailed characters and the expressive nature of their interactions.

Dark Ages #5



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