Steelworks #6

DC Comics

Written by Michael Dorn

Art by Sami Basri and Vicente Cifuentes

Colors by Andrew Dalhouse

Letters by Rob Leigh

The Rundown: Steel takes on a giant mech and discovers what is affecting Superman and the others.

After taking over one of John’s mechs, Walker is using it and the zero force energy within it to destroy the city. Unfortunately, that same energy is also affecting Superman and his family. As Steel and Natasha attempt to fight off the robot, the pair get some help from Lana whose powers have returned.

Lana takes the lead in the fight as John falls back to work on a solution that will allow Superman and the others to get back in the fight. A move that will be bolstered by an unexpected ally.

The Story: Dorn brings this story to a thrilling, action-packed conclusion with great moments for the characters while giving the reader a deeper appreciation of Steel. The action is fantastic and I love the time the story takes to wrap up all of the storylines without breaking the narrative flow or pace of the action. A great finale to this arc that makes me want to see more from this creative team.

The Art: Basri and Cifuentes deliver some fantastic art throughout the issue. The visuals have fantastic action on every page and beautiful details that engaged me with every moment.

Steelworks #6



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