Star Wars: The High Republic #2

Marvel Comics

Written by Cavan Scott

Art by Ario Anindito

Inks by Mark Morales

Colors by Frank William

Letters by Ariana Maher

The Rundown: Valdir and Matty find themselves teaming with an unusual ally.

Matty calls for help to the temple because she fears that Valdir is dead. When the Jedi awakens, he is determined to find the killer who took him down. Using the force, he finds himself at a local bar where he confronts Tey Sirrek and discovers that is wasn’t the dark side that took him down, but something else.

After discovering that he and Tey are on the same mission, Valdir and Matty track the alien to a potential buyer and they decide to team up. A team that will run into a dangerous hurtle when their journey to the Kyber Temple puts them at the mercy of the Guardians of the Whills.

The Story: Scott delivers some great character building in this issue. The story continues to be interesting and the action is fun. I like getting to know more about the characters, especially Vildar and the story continues to engage me enough to make me interested in where the story is going next.

The Art: Anindito delivers some great art throughout the issue. The character designs are great and I love the world of these characters and how dense the city seems.

Star Wars: The High Republic #2



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