Star-Wars-Destroyer-Down-03-pr-1-copyStar Wars Adventures: Destroyer Down #3


Written by Scott Beatty

Art by Derek Charm and Jon Sommariva

Inks by Sean Parsons

Colors by Matt Herms

Letters by Tom B Long

Two stories connected to each other make up this issue.

The next chapter of the Destroyer Down story finds Unkar Plutt’s scavengers on the run from an out of control K series Imperial droid. The droid continues to guard the crashed, derelict Star Destroyer on Jakku and it continues to believe that it is serving the Empire. As the other scavengers are violently ejected off the ship, Rey continues her mission to find something useful.


When she finds an abandoned Y-Wing, she takes time away from her mission to live out her fantasy of being a rebel pilot flying through space. A fantasy that is interrupted by the K droid trying to eject her from the ship. Rey is going to have to find an inventive way to save herself and a fellow scavenger before the droid kills them both.

The next chapter in The Ghost Ship finds rebel pilot Bak Rychuk standing alone on the drifting star destroyer while surrounded by stormtroopers. The pilot makes a pretty bold decision in regards to the taking the ship down and his actions cause the ship commander to make a desperate decision regarding the K series security droid working for him. One that will have a connection to the first story.

This is a fun issue. It adds a slice of life element to Rey’s time on Jakku and shows the reader that she had aspirations and dreams before the events of The Force Awakens. I also like how the stories connect to each other. It’s a fun moment in both stories and adds an additional layer of interest as well as show the reader how that destroyer wound up on Jakku in the first place.

A fun issue that is served well with the fun, cartoon style art.

Star Wars Adventures Destroyer Down #3




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