bitter-root-3_2e97235a41Bitter Root #3

Image Comics

Written by David F Walker and Chuck Brown

Art by Sanford Greene

Colors by Rico Renzi

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The rules of war have changed and now it’s about to become public.

The Sangerye family is dealing with the aftermath of their last fight. An aftermath that has Berg infected with a demon that none of their root cures will remove. As they battle to keep him sedate while they think of a way to help him, Cullen has an idea. One that the family is not on board with, but might be the best way to help. Berg is subdued for the time being and Cullen decides to go get help from his uncle Enoch.


A prospect that doesn’t start well for Cullen when he’s attacked by Enoch’s guards.

In Mississippi, a map is discovered that shows that the Jinoo are swarming across the country like a plague. After another battle with a new kind of demon, the young white boy gets a harsh lesson in the world before the hunt begins again.

Back in New York, the police have mobilized in response to the deaths of the two officers and instead of investigating, they decide to roust every black person they see. Delivering beatings and terrorizing, Sullivan and Samuels know what’s happening isn’t right, but they don’t say anything. Their silence becomes a bigger problem when Sullivan starts to see that many of the officers working with him are possessed by demons. The situation gets even worse when Dr. Sylvester arrives on scene after embracing his new powers and seeking retribution.

The story of Bitter Root continues to be engaging and entertaining. As the story evolves, the reader becomes more engaged with the characters and their struggle. I want to know more about these characters and this world and this issue adds some really exciting elements to the story. It’s going to be interesting to see the confrontation between the Sangeryes and Sylvester. The brewing tension between them looks to bubble over into something interesting to read.

The backdrop of Harlem in the 20’s continues to add an additional layer of significance to the story. There is some real world pain mixed in with this fantasy story and those visuals have a visceral feeling to them. Great work by Sanford Greene on the look of this issue and series.

Bitter Root #3




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