RSvol4-25-25011-A-McKoneRed Sonja Volume 4 #25

Dynamite Entertainment

Written by Amy Chu and Erik Burnham

Art by Carlos Gomez

Colors by Mohan

Letters by Tayloir Esposito

Can music soothe the savage Sonja?

As with most stories, this one starts with Sonja minding her own business. The warrior is thinking of home and making her way there when she hears the cries of someone in trouble. Seeing a man under attack, she leaps into rescue him. She takes down his attackers and offers him food.


Something interesting happens when they finally start to talk to each other. While the man, named Tariq, is grateful for the rescue, he doesn’t approve of the violence that is part of Sonja’s persona. The two have a pretty interesting verbal battle themselves about who is more effective at stopping violence. An argument that will have real world applications when they seek passage aboard a pirate ship. Will Sonja’s steel work better in the situation or can Tariq lull the pirates into an emotional state that brings them peace?

Sonja’s attitudes about life and battle are some of the most enduring things about her. Amy Chu and Erik Burnham are uniquely adept at capturing her enduring spirit in this issue. Sonja is portrayed as the fierce, independent warrior that she always is, but she is also shown to have a side that is vulnerable and open…to a point. Her growth as a character through her adventures is uniquely fun to experience.

Carlos Gomez’s art puts this issue over the top. There are so many visually stunning moments both with the characters and the action. The backgrounds are beautiful to look at and every panel complements the story and tone.

Red Sonja Vol 4 #25




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