StarTrek-Q-conflict06-coverAStar Trek the Q Conflict #6

IDW Publishing

Written by Scott Tipton and David Tipton

Art by David Messina

Inks by Elisabetta D’Amico

Colors by Alessandra Alexakis

Letters by Neil Utetake

The Rundown: Three allies of the Federation makes their play to end Q’s game before things get out of hand.


Amanda Rogers, Wesley Crusher and The Traveler have a plan to stop Q’s competition and they are going to need everyone to help. When Q whisks everyone away to begin his latest contest, the Captains realize that now is the time to strike. After sending the crews on a mission to create an unstable particle that could seriously damage the universe, Amanda responds by providing the crews with Q weapons they can use to fight back.

Getting the drop on the omnipotent beings is easy enough, but when Q and Trelane team up to stop them, the Starfleet crews find themselves facing an army of their deadliest villains. It’s going to take a desperate gamble by Sisko and a member of his crew to find a way to force Q to stop.

The Story: I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this series from the beginning and I found the finale enjoyable as well. If there were one thing that stuck out to me was the resolution did seem too abrupt. As satisfying as the rest of the issue is, that moment felt rushed. All of the character interactions and dialogue were fantastic. Scott and David Tipton know how to write these characters and that comes through in the dialogue.

The Art: David Messina does a brilliant job with the art in this issue and everything from the characters to the iconic ships and interiors looks amazing.

Star Trek The Q Conflict #6




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