Books of Magic #10

DC Comics/Vertigo Comics

Written by Kat Howard

Art by Tom Fowler and Brian Churillo

Colors by Marissa Louise

The Rundown: Tim Hunter will have to deal with both his action and inaction with the people closest to him as questions about his destiny continue to swirl.

Tim has returned, but the spell he put on his father to keep him from worrying is having unintended consequences. Consequences that will have Tim answering questions from the police. Not only does he have that to deal with, but his inability to save Ellie will force him to reveal his magical nature. Unfortunately, it does not have the desired affect on the young woman.

As Dr. Rose pays a visit to Hettie to discuss Tim’s possible future, Tim is going to get a mysterious visitor when he returns home.

The Story: Tim dealing with the consequences of magic is a great way to slow down the story and focus on the characters. While there is a lot to enjoy about this particular issue, I do want the story to progress a little more. So much is being teased to happen recently that I want some payoff for everything that is being introduced. Kat Howard is doing an excellent job of expanding the threats and danger Tim is in and I want to see how those threats play out with Tim’s choices.

The supporting cast has some great moments as well and the surprise at the end of this issue is timed perfectly to make the story evolve and move into some interesting and unknown areas.

The Art: Tom Fowler’s art is fantastic. The issue is more character focused and Fowler takes advantage of that fact by drawing panels that are filled with the characters and their reactions.

Books of Magic #10




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