Bone Parish #11

Boom! Studios

Written by Cullen Bunn

Art by Jonas Scharf

Colors by Alex Guimaraes

Letters by Ed Dukeshire

The Rundown: A war is raging in the street of New Orleans and Grace Winters is going to take a bold step to protect her family and their business.

Every side has hit each other hard and bodies are littering the streets. The police know that the Cartel and the Mafia are moving in to take over the Ash business, but they can’t predict what Grace will do to protect her business. What makes it even more unpredictable is the fact that Grace is not completely in control of herself at any given moment.


At the same time, Leon confronts his brother about the fact that he’s sleeping with the head of the Cartel. Brae doesn’t know anything, but the revelation pits the brothers against each other in a violent clash that will change the family forever.

The Story: Cullen Bunn brings everything to a brutal and violent head in this penultimate issue. All of the secrets and backstabbing are going to get people killed and the war Grace Winters is sparking threatens to destroy everything that they have built. There is so much going on in this issue and Bunn makes the story brutal, visceral and memorable. This is a fantastic issue that increases the drama and tension in every scene and I cannot wait to see where this story goes next and how Cullen Bunn will bring this epic story to its conclusion.

The Art: Jonas Scharf makes every panel look fantastic. Everything from the characters to the action looks amazing and every page complements the pace of this story.

Bone Parish #11




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