Star Trek Picard 

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Season One Episode Three

The End is the Beginning


The aftermath of the attack on Utopia Planitia and the event that ends both his career and Musiker’s opens this episode that hits on the central theme of this series and the character. We get to see the immediate aftermath of Picard’s decision to deliver an ultimatum to Starfleet. Raffi’s justified anger towards Picard signifies that there are some great moments ahead between the two of them and Michelle Hurd is killing it in the role. She has the perfect mixture of tenacity and vulnerability and I love the fact that she is both damaged and determined.


Picard is going to enlist a motley crew for his mission to rescue Soji. Unfortunately, they don’t know where she is and her presence on the Borg cube will uncover some more interesting plot and the introduction of our old pal Hugh Borg who brings the young lady in to interview a former Romulan drone who has an interesting reaction when she sees the young lady.


Two of the best things about this episode are the fact that we finally get to see some awesome action led by Laris and Zheban and Picard’s longing to return to space. The former Tal Shiar officers prove that they have not missed a step when it comes to protecting both their home and themselves. It was an awesome scene that was well shot and intense. Picard comes alive in this episode now that there is something that he feels he can do. Another adventure to undertake.


This episode moves the story forward in a significant way with the gathering of our main characters together to begin their quest. Even the music realizes how significant the moment is as it ends the episode with a mixture of the old theme and the new.

Star Trek Picard S01XE03




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