Justice-League-Dark-9-Comic-PreviewJustice League Dark #9

DC Comics 

Written by James Tynion IV

Art by Alvaro Martinez Bueno and Miguel Mendonca

Inks by Raul Fernandez

Colors by Brad Anderson

Letters by Rob Leigh

The Lords of Order are about to cause some chaos in this new issue.


Khalid recounts the descent of Nabu and its control over Kent Nelson. After the events of Metal and the destruction of the Source Wall, Nabu grew restless and eager to control the Tree of Wonder. After fighting with Kent Nelson about it, something happened that put these dire plans in motion.

On Myrra, the Lords of Order have the team and the magical refugees surrounded. Jason Blood tries to intervene, but he is quickly separated from Etrigan and the process of his death begins. Blue Devil and his forces make their way to the fight, but find out quickly that they are outmatched. He tells Bobo how to get them out of harm’s way and with them all gone, the Lords of Order get to work.

Zatanna and Wonder Woman seek out Cersei for help with the artifact they recovered and the witch informs them that there is more to the trinket than meets the eye and it has a connection to Zatanna’s father and more importantly, his plan. When Khalid and Man Bat finally make it to Myrra, they inform the others that it might be too late to stop what’s coming to the magical realm.

James Tynion IV weaves another darkly beautiful take for this team of nascent heroes. The journeys each part of the team are taking open themselves up to higher and more interesting stakes as well as horrors. The issue does a great job of maintaining tension and mystery throughout and you read it wondering where the next revelation will take the story.

The art from Alvardo Martinez Bueno and Miguel Mendonca is stunning from start to finish. Everything is visually beautiful, especially the characters. Great looking issue.

Justice League Dark #9




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