Specs #1

BOOM! Studios

Written by David M. Booher

Art by Chris Shehan

Colors by Roman Stevens

Letters by Jim Campbell

The Rundown: Two friends get a special delivery that changes everything in their lives.

Kenny and Ted are friends in high school and Kenny has a problem not only with the school bully, but also with a secret he is afraid to reveal about himself. After an encounter with the bully Skunk, they two go to Kenny’s house to read comics. After coming across an ad for magic sunglasses, the pair contemplate what they would do with the power.

When Kenny gets a mysterious package containing the glasses in question, they begin to use it to make small wishes. Wishes that come true for the both of them. When the two have another confrontation with Skunk, they discover just how powerful the specs they have really are.

The Story: An entertaining and engaging story with interesting characters and a premise that kept me invested. Booher crafts a classic scary story that has a great build up of tension throughout as you follow Kenny’s apprehension and fear. I appreciate the slow build up of the story and how it doesn’t go straight into the suspense, but gives us a chance to know the characters. Will definitely pick up the next issue.

The Art: Shehan delivers some great art in the issue. The visuals have a classic style to them and I love how the imagery captures the tone and mood of the plot and its characters.

Specs #1



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