Love Everlasting #4

Image Comics

Written by Tom King

Art by Elsa Charretier

Colors by Matt Hollingsworth

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: Despite her misgivings, Joan finds herself falling in love again.

In the height of the first World War, Joan finds herself as a lounge singer playing to the crowds of soldiers clamoring for a break from the front. After her set, she meets a handsome young soldier named Dane who is sitting with his friends. After they leave, they begin a tradition of returning to the bar to have a drink for the fallen and Dane continues to profess his love for Joan.

After being rebuffed, he and Joan become friends and confidants of a sort as the tradition continues and Dane’s dwindling set of friends darkens his mood, but doesn’t extinguish his love for Joan. A love that Joan will finally give in to, but will not give her the peace that she wants.

The Story: King continues to enchant and delight with this series and this issue is brilliant in its characters and emotional build up. The story has a great sense of narrative style and I continue to be impressed with the premise and mystery around what is happening to Joan. I love that this issue took a more serious and somber tone as well and look forward to the next one.

The Art: Charretier delivers some awesome art throughout the issue. The visuals perfectly capture the mood, tone and atmosphere of the story and the time it takes place in.

Love Everlasting #4



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