Sideways #7

DC Comics

Written by Dan Didio

Art by Kenneth Rocafort

Colors by Ivan Plascencia and Dan Brown

Letters by Travis Lanham

Derek James is in the midst of a personal tragedy and is going to find out that being a hero doesn’t mean breaks or days off. As he mourns the death of his mother, Derek lashes out at everyone around friend and foe alike and his outburst with his powers is only stopped by the intervention of Zatanna and the remaining members of the Seven Soldiers. It would appear as if they have been watching him for some time in hopes that he can help them find their missing member.

Ignoring his responsibilities again, Derek decides that he is going to help them and if Derek’s previous attempts at being a hero are any indication, it is not going to end well for him physically or emotionally.

After the tragedy at the end of the last issue, there was the hope from the cover that the event would be the focus of the issue. Unfortunately, most of it is glossed over in favor of a team up story. As a reader, I wanted to see where Derek would fit into the DC universe, but I wish that more focus was made on what Derek has lost and the implications of that life on his personal and professional life. DiDio opened a lot of doors in the last issue regarding the company Derek’s mother worked for and their surveillance of Sideways and this issue ignores that building mystery.

Rocafort’s art is the saving grace of this issue. While there are so many things in this story that take away from the focus on the character, the art does a great job of keeping the reader interested. I love how the characters are rendered and I wish that Derek was given more moments to show emotion in this issue. It would have helped to round him out as a character.


Sideways #7




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