Something is Killing the Children #26

Boom! Studios

Written by James Tynion IV

Art by Werther Dell’edera

Colors by Miquel Muerto

Letters by Andworld Design

The Rundown: With Cutter getting closer, Erica needs to decide if staying to kill the monster is worth the risk.

Erica has been injured in her latest encounter with the creature that killed Gabi’s family. Unfortunately, with the creature getting stronger, Erica is forced to flee to the reservation with Riqui. After getting patched up, Erica is reminded that Cutter is getting closer and that she should leave. Not wanting to leave the town to the creature, she tries to decide what to do next.

When Riqui heads into town to close the bar, Gabi overhears a conversation with Erica and her monster. A conversation that reveals the danger they’re all in. At the same time, Carter calls Riqui and tells her to bring Erica in right before meeting a dangerous individual with an interesting story.

The Story: James Tynion IV crafts an entertaining story with compelling characters and a growing threat that continues to keep me interested in the story and all of its twists and turns. Things are definitely heating up and the stakes are being raised for Erica on multiple fronts. I cannot wait to see where this story goes next and what twists it takes.

The Art: Dell’edera continues to amaze with the art in this series and this issue especially. Every page and panel is filled with beautiful details and perfectly captures the tone and mood of the story.

Something is Killing the Children #26



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