Kroma #1

Image Comics

Written by Lorenzo De Felici

Art by Lorenzo De Felici

Colors by Lorenzo De Felici

Letters by Rus Wooton

The Rundown: A young boy makes a dangerous discovery in a dangerous world.

It is the day that the monster is released and Zet and the other members of the Makka in training are racing to get front row seats to the event. After witnessing the creature emerge, it is immediately attacked by the crowd, but Zet sees something strange about the creature beneath the costume. Something that reminds him of his mother.

Zet and the others live in a world without color. A world where color attracts dangerous creatures and has been deemed a curse to humanity. When Zet begins to question everything that he has been taught to believe, he seeks out the creature in its cave. When he confronts it, he discovers something unexpected about. Something that will shake up his world and could cost him his life.

The Story: A beautifully engaging and charming story with a great mystery at its center and characters that are compelling. The premise is incredibly interesting and there is some great world building and tension throughout. Zet’s story is compelling and his interactions with Kroma kept me intrigued throughout. I love the cliffhanger ending of the story and look forward to seeing what happens next.

The Art: De Felici beautifully crafts this world visually and I love the contrast between the vibrant colors of the outside world and the muted nature of the city and its people.

Kroma #1



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