Sleeping Beauties #2

IDW Publishing

Written by Rio Youers

Art by Alison Sampson

Colors by Triona Tree Farrell

Letters by Christa Meisner

The Rundown: The effects of Aurora continue to spread and the world sees what happens when the women are woken up.


Aurora is spreading and there are still no answers. As the phenomenon spreads worldwide, governments and people speculate on both the cause and the dangerous side effects of attempting to wake the women up.

People discover those side effects first hand when they try to find help for their loved ones and when waking them, see their violent reactions for themselves.

At the same time, the mystery woman who emerged from the woods is taken to the local women’s prison and takes the first steps in her unknown plan.

The Story: There is a lot going on in the world of this issue and those things are interesting. Unfortunately, that’s all they are. The story is interesting. The premise is interesting. Finally seeing the effects of removing the webbing and what that means are interesting as well. All of these things are interesting, but none of them in this story are compelling or engaging. The characters feel flat and not one of them held my interest past their moment in the story.

One of the biggest problems in the story is the pacing. It spent too much time on side characters and too little time developing the characters we are supposed to follow.

The Art: Alison Sampson delivers some great, stylized art in this issue and the visuals are the only thing that really grabs the attention of the reader. From the violent opening to the way characters are composed within panels, the art compels the reader to keep going even if the story doesn’t seem to have direction.

Sleeping Beauties #2




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