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Sleep Tight has the look and feel of a really good animated feature film. The fact that a Disney character artist is involved in the game really helps put the experience of Sleep Tight over the top from standard survival style games. In Sleep Tight you get to choose from 12 different characters, each one with distinctive attributes and playstyles. Your goal is to survive the night as monsters come after you in your bedroom and you must stop them by either attacking them with weapons or building barricades and turrets to stop their advance and attacks. Think of the Pixar movie Monsters Inc except told from the point of view of the kids being scared of the monsters and fighting back.



The graphics in the game are amazing. It definitely captures the look and feel of a Disney/Pixar style of animation and character design. Everything from the characters to the backgrounds and weapons animations are amazing to see and those animation elements really help to immerse the gamer into feeling like a kid again.


I don’t have the highest of high-end rigs, but I know my system more than meets the specifications necessary to play Sleep Tight. To that end, the PC controls were a little clunky. The keyboard shortcuts were helpful, but they didn’t enhance my overall experience playing the game. In fact, the entire time I played the game initially I kept thinking how much more fun it would be to play on console. Base building is smooth and well done. I really enjoyed the first person rounds and found the gameplay to be a fun experience.



This game is infinitely replayable. It’s a fun premise with great graphics that reminds you of both being a kid but also how much you love really good animated feature films. It’s definitely one that I have played several times since and will probably purchase to play on console to get an even more immersive and fun experience.

Sleep Tight




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