Castle Rock


Season 1 Episode 5


Something is coming to Castle Rock and it isn’t just the fire raging in Castle County. After the massacre at Shawshank Prison, people are starting to ask questions. Questions that the acting warden does not want to answer and if the phone call she receives from her boss is any indication, they want the whole thing to go away. Henry has decided to find a way to keep an eye on his mom when leaves. Something Alan has an objection to, but a call from the prison causes a new set of problems.


The Kid has been released from Shawshank and has nowhere to go. Henry and Molly decide to put him up at her office until they can find a way to get him to Juniper Hill. When they leave, we get our first look at the kid’s effect on people in the town when he ventures out at night. What’s really interesting is that the moment is played with a level of innocence and curiosity that makes the viewer wonder if the Kid is testing the limits of his powers or maybe he doesn’t even know what he is or the effect he seems to have on people.


After a tragedy during a ceremony honoring Alan Pangborn, Molly discovers the Kid is missing and we find out that he’s with Jackie Torrance. We also find out more about Jackie’s past as well, especially her family. There’s so much great atmosphere in this episode and the director takes great pains to build on that atmosphere with shadows that permeate every scene. The episode ends in one of the biggest cliffhangers so far as Alan reveals more about the Kid than any of use knew, making the mystery even more interesting.


Castle Rock S01XE05




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