688555._SX1280_QL80_TTD_Charlie’s Angels #3

Dynamite Entertainment

Written by John Layman

Art by Joe Eisma

Colors by Celeste Woods

Letters by Taylor Esposito

The Angels find themselves attempting to cross the border in East Germany and as convincing as they normally are, they seem to be in over their heads on this mission. Part of the problem is that Charlie has proven to be unreliable in his intel and we find out later that Charlie has been compromised by the Germans we met in the first issue. With both the military and foreign agents looking for the Angels, they find themselves taking on a clandestine CIA mission.


As more and more aspects of the mission become suspicious, the Angels find themselves having to lay a sophisticated trap to find someone they can get some information from. The Angels catch someone and try to get some answers. At the same time, we find out that there is another threat to the Angels and their mission and this threat seems to be tailored made just for them.

This issue continues the fun and lightness of the overall story and Layman continues to bring a really great balance between the seriousness of the story and the lighter aspects of the characters and the time period. I like the style of this issue and how everything seemed to flow with the plotting and the dialogue. I even enjoyed the ending and what this new reveal means for the next encounter with the Angels themselves.

Joe Eisma’s art is amazing. I sincerely loved the composition of the panels and the action. Eisma does a great job of rendering great motion as well as fun and thoughtful facial expressions and I think the art does a great job of complementing the story.




Charlie's Angels #3




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