Slam Land

Bread Machine Games

Nintendo Switch


Slam Land is a fast-paced, chaotic experience where a bizarre blue giant enlists a cast of comical competitors to dunk one another into hoops for his amusement. Literally grab up to four friends and face off in various local multiplayer modes including the hot potato-like Peanut Mode, H.O.R.S.E., and the wildest mode of all, Trash, in which garbage rains from the sky to be stacked into massive piles and dunked.


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The graphics in Slam Land are fun. They aren’t the ultimate in high definition, but they aren’t trying to be. It’s a surreal style in both the character designs and level layout. It is visually interesting to look at and incredibly fun to see played because of how much energy is on the screen and how it complements the game play. Level designs that are reminiscent of surrealist paintings help to keep the player interested visually. I really liked how this game looked for the most part. I found the character designs to be weaker than the level design.



Having so much activity on the screen with multiple players and graphics going on while you attempt to navigate your player to objects and people to slam can be difficult at times. The play is so frenetic at times that the character can get lost in the chaos, making it difficult to determine what your character is doing at any given time. Both the Trash mode and the H.O.R.S.E. stages are the saving grace as they are easier to navigate with your character and have a goal that makes the competition elements fun.



I found  myself drifting to this game multiple times to play the H.O.R.S.E. mode mostly. I found a lot of fun in the game overall and it became easier to navigate the more I played it. A fun game that I will more than likely pick up a few more times to see how good I can get and how different the level designs will look.

Slam Land




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