TRACEME is a new social media platform for celebrities and their most passionate fans and one of the first celebrities on the platform is actor and advocate George Takei.

Takei is a cultural icon who has been on the forefront of and an ardent user of social media for years and TRACEME gives the performer a new way to interact with his fans and supporters.

Custom designed for Takei, his TraceMe Content Collections bring together everything from “The Resistance,” focused on his fight to oppose Trump and far-right conservative agendas, to “Sci-Fi”, the ultimate place for nerds (largely but not limited to Star Trek and Trekkie fan submissions). “Allegiance” will include video and picture assets related to the 2015 Broadway production of the show, including unseen footage from the documentary, Japanese American internment stories, and other related material. “Trending” will focus on current events with George’s commentary. “Oh Myyyy” will highlight hilarious or outrageous material from around the Internet. And “The Takei Files” will include tribute videos to people or ideas that George admires.

Featuring exclusive original content designed to inspire community and drive fan interaction and engagement, TraceMe is a place where celebrities have real  conversations and share authentic moments with their super-fans. Premium video series tailored to each celebrity and unique experiences created just for fans are among the offerings. The goal is to bring fans closer to whom and what they love.

“With TraceMe I will be able to offer original content to my devoted fans that they won’t find anywhere else, in a safe environment that will encourage them to interact with each other and me,” said Takei.  “I want to build community around issues that I care about deeply like immigration, racism and LGBTQ equality, so the security and freedom of expression that TraceMe offers is really important to me.”

TraceMe is founded by Super Bowl Champion Russell Wilson, and  led by CEO Jason LeeKeenan, a former media and technology executive from Hulu  and Zulily.

“A true Icon, amazing actor and formidable advocate, George Takei has long understood the power of speaking directly to his fans, which is why I’m so excited he’s joining the TraceMe platform,” said Wilson. “TraceMe was created to let celebrities and content owners tell their own stories, offer fans experiences they won’t find anywhere else, and build a powerful community. We’re changing how fans engage with their favorite stars in every field, and we’re super excited to give George’s massive fan base a chance to interact with him and with each other in a whole new way.”

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