Castle Rock


Season 1 Episode 4

The Box

Four episodes into the first season of Castle Rock and this episode pulls out the stop in the last few minutes.


Zalewski has had enough of Shawshank. Every day is the same routine and part of that routine consists of turning a blind eye to the abuses that he sees on a daily basis. His opportunity to finally get out and get right comes on the back of the kid testifying to how he got into the prison. Zalewski’s desperation to leave the prison and Castle Rock itself is something that will have tragic implications in this episode. Zalewski’s arc in this episode and the series has been one of the more interesting ones. He went from being a minor player getting the main character back to the town to someone who the audience was starting to care about.


Molly continues to try to make a life for herself in Castle Rock. Part of that means trying to sell the warden’s home to a couple from Iowa. A task that isn’t made any easier once someone finds something in the house that forces a full disclosure moment. Molly is underused in this episode, especially considering what she can do and her involvement in the death of Henry’s father. I wanted more from her time with him.


Henry is having visions of his missing eleven days and those visions force him to track down a possible suspect in his disappearance, Vince Desjardin. If the name sounds familiar, it is because Vince was a member of Ace Merill’s gang in The Body. Vince’s brother Jonathan finds a missing piece of the puzzle that Henry is able to get, but not after a really creepy visit to a makeshift cell in the backyard of the Desjardin property. The mystery of Henry Deaver continues to be interesting and Andre Holland delivers some great moments in the episode.


What he finds out leads to an uncomfortable confrontation with Alan Pangborn on the heels of Henry’s desire to take his mother with him out of the town. The Henry/Alan dynamic has always been tense, but now that we know exactly why, it makes the drama more interesting going forward.

More mysteries begin to unfold and there is a tragic end to this episode that is going to move many of the character’s story forward in new and interesting ways.





Castle Rock S01XE04




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