Sirens of the City #1

BOOM! Studios

Written by Joanne Starer

Art by Khary Randolph

Letters by AndWorld Design

The Rundown: In 1987, a pregnant runaway with special abilities must find a way to survive on the New York City streets.

The story begins when Layla goes to a clinic to have a procedure done. However, an uncomfortable encounter soon turns deadly. Two weeks later, she finds herself homeless as she reminisces on her past. Then, a confrontation with her ex-boyfriend eventually leads her to the discovery of the mysterious Davi. From there, she has a series of encounters led by Davi that may soon turn disastrous. Meanwhile, Jerome learns something unusual about Layla and he and his family go on a hunt to find her.

The Story: Starer presents an interesting first chapter in this limited edition series. I think this issue does a good job of setting up the overall story and introducing the main character and what I presume are the principal players. Even though this is a typical origin story, it’s very appealing and I am captivated by its gritty tone.

The Art: The illustration in this piece is a detailed comic design with a black and white motif. There are splashes of color in blue and red throughout that are used to highlight characters and visually add to the atmosphere of the tale. I was really impressed with this good looking issue and found it emotionally engaging.

Sirens of the City #1



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