Star Wars #57

Marvel Comics

Written by Keiron Gillen

Art by Angel Unzueta

Colors by GURU-eFX

Letters by Clayton Cowles

An affluent lord on a secluded moon charms Luke, Han and Leia, but their suspicions continue to grow.

Stranded on a secluded moon while Sana Starros tries to evade an Imperial patrol, the rebels find themselves in the opulent mansion of Thane Markona. The three are immediately suspicious of their surroundings, especially when the charming Thane seems unnecessarily warm and generous to his guests. When they determine that this isolationist moon doesn’t have a transport, they have no choice but to wait.

Their host and his daughter decide to take the rebels into town and show them the society they have created. On the surface, it seems ideal in many ways. Luke continues to be skeptical and his suspicions only grow when Markona decides to take him on a personal tour and be evasive about what he did to earn both his own moon, but also autonomy from the Empire.

This issue takes a step back from the pursuit and escape storyline to give an insight into another world in the galaxy that seems non-aligned with either the Empire or the Rebellion. This sense of the unknown is a refreshing change of pace for Star Wars because it allows the characters to both discover new things and question their own ideology. Gillen does some great work with the dialogue and the character interactions in this issue. I like that there are subtle moments in the narrative that lay the seeds for moments in Empire Strike Back, especially in the Han/Leia dynamic as well as Luke talking about his father.

Angel Unzueta has some beautiful art in this issue. All of the characters look great and the backgrounds really give a sense of the beautiful, lush landscape of Hubin. I am intrigued with where this story is going next.

Star Wars #57




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