Shazam-3-Comic-CoverShazam #3

DC ComicsĀ 

Written by Geoff Johns

Art by Dale Eaglesham, Marco Santucci and Mayo “Sen” Naito

Colors by Mike Atiyeh

Letters by Rob Leigh

Billy and company are going to learn more about King Kid and the hidden lands in this new issue.

While Billy and the rest of the kids are enjoying the hospitality that King Kid has to offer, Mary is less than impressed and is growing increasingly skeptical. In order to assuage their fears of who he is, he tells them the tragic story of how he came to be the ruler of the land.


When Billy and company inform the king that they can’t share their power with him and they need to go home, King Kid shows his true colors. Separating them and sending Mary to a hidden prison, King Kid proceeds to trap them as they turn into their alter egos. Things only get more complicated when the separated siblings find themselves in all new lands.

Geoff Johns writes an entertaining continuation of this story. While the story is well done and adds some interesting new details, the pace of the story seemed off. I really enjoyed the dialogue between the characters, but there wasn’t much to hold onto from a story perspective. The King Kid reveal was predictable and didn’t really rise above expectations. Everything that was being talked around sounded more interesting. The story does start to pick up after King Kid shows his true colors, but all the lead in seemed like a waste.

The art was great. The transitions between art styles was well done and allowed the story to flow naturally.

Shazam #3




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