self-made-4_67c946e41dSelf Made #4

Image ComicsĀ 

Written by Mathew Groom

Art by Eduardo Ferigato

Colors by Marcelo Costa

Letters by Troy Peteri

Amala returns and her first adventure in the real world exposes a new truth that even her creator isn’t prepared for.

After her orb is smashed by Bryce, Rebecca finds a way to repair it and integrate her consciousness into the body of a robot.


The world’s first sentient NPC becomes wary of Rebecca’s abrasive personality and her own inability to remember moments in her own life. When Rebecca’s friend James decides to sneak Amala out and show her the new world that she is a part of, she experiences all of the negative aspects of it in one interaction.

Her rejection of a human and the intervention of another bot causes the police to be identified. James escapes and the police come gunning for her. Rebecca intervenes and the two escape, but after talking to her creator, Amala decides that the real world isn’t that different from the one she came from.

Mathew Groom continues Amala’s journey in a brilliant and interesting way. The dialogue is amazing and the plot is both relevant and poignant. Amala is a brilliantly rich and complicated character whose story and experiences are engaging to the reader. I continue to be intrigued with where this story is going next.

Eduardo Ferigato’s art is beautifully detailed. Everything from the character designs to the backgrounds looks amazing. There are some truly impressive pages and panels in this issue.

Self/Made #4




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