744351._SX1280_QL80_TTD_Killmonger #5

Marvel Comics

Written by Bryan Hill

Art by Juan Ferreyra

Letters by Joe Sabino

On a quiet street in London, Knight returns to the home provided for her by SHIELD. Waiting for her is the man she betrayed to get it, Erik Killmonger.

To her surprise and dawning horror, he isn’t there to kill her. He wants information from SHIELD and he is willing to trade her sister’s life in order to get it. With no other options, she agrees. As he leaves, Killmonger gives her a warning about the ultimate end for the path that she’s chosen and the true motives of the people she has chosen to put her future in the hands of.


The reality of her situation and his declaration come into focus when Black Widow informs her that her services are no longer needed. Her usefulness is at an end and she is being cut off. She will have to leave her home, London and her new life with nothing but a small severance and no chance at being a SHIELD agent.

Whether it’s her anger with SHIELD or her desire to save her sister, Knight does what Erik asks her to and when she delivers the information to him, she discovers that the man she once betrayed has not only learned his lesson, but has become a fearsome force for vengeance himself. Especially with some supernatural help from an entity with her own agenda.

Bryan Hill has crafted a beautiful and fulfilling ending to this story. The evolution of Erik from a passenger in events to sitting in the driver’s seat of his own destiny is amazing to see and the intrigue and twists in this issue make for great dramatic moments. Hill gives Erik the quiet menace that makes him such an interesting character and giving him moments that challenge his  vengeance mission and alternate paths is brilliant. Focusing on his final interactions with Knight closes the circle on this part of his story in a way that is both satisfying and engaging as a reader.

Juan Ferreyra has brilliant and beautiful art throughout this issue. There are two action heavy splash pages that are beautifully rendered and visually exciting. Ferreyra uses light and shadow brilliantly and there is so much to marvel at page after page.

Killmonger #5




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