751632._SX1280_QL80_TTD_Female Furies #2

DC Comics

Written by Cecil Castellucci

Art by Adriana Melo

Colors by Hi-Fi

Letters by Carlos M Mangual

The failure of their last mission has put a bullseye on Aurelie’s back and things are only going to get worse.

Barda is incensed at their recent failure and how their leader is behaving in its aftermath. The Furies are fighting every day for the respect they deserve and Aurelie’s weakness is becoming a problem for all of them. Barda wants answers from their leader and she reluctantly tells her the truth. She tells her of the things Willik is doing to her and what he makes her do. Barda believes she’s making it up because it’s never happened to her. When Willik appears and knows a secret Aurelie was willing to kill to keep, he uses that leverage to his advantage.


Back at their common room, the other Furies are jealous of the attention and gifts that Aurelie is receiving. When Barda tells them of a new mission, their leader orders them to go without her. As Barda and Lashina complete their mission, Aurelie is tormented by her time with Willik and that time produces an unwanted outcome. One that Granny both punishes Aurelie for allowing to happen as well as utilizing in her own experiments.

When Willik sends her on a revenge mission with Steppenwolf’s elite troops, Aurelie defies his orders and returns with the team. When Willik tells her that they will celebrate her victory in private, Aurelie snaps and attacks him. A natural reaction given everything she’s gone through, but this is Apokalips. Granny returns her to the others and decides to begin a new plan to increase her visibility and usefulness to Darkseid. A plan that will require a secret prisoner and Aurelie’s secret.

This issue is extremely topical and tackles a host of issues relevant to society today. Cecil Castellucci captures the frustration many women go through when dealing with sexual harassment and especially sexual assault at the hands of someone in power. There are some powerful moments throughout the issue where the reactions that prevent many women from reporting those things are on full display. Those moments are handled with brutal honesty. Unfortunately, there are some other moments in the issue that are cringe-worthy in their lack of subtlety. Like lines delivered that are taken directly from the real world and don’t flow naturally either with the scene or the character.

Adriana Melo’s art is fantastic and both the character and background details are amazing.

Female Furies #2




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