Savage Dragon #262

Image Comics

Written by Erik Larsen

Art by Erik Larsen

Colors by Nikos Koutsis and Mike Toris

Letters by Jack Morelli

The Rundown: A new epidemic emerges in the states while the Dragons go after the remnants of the Vicious Circle.

Mighty Man tracks down Angel is order to get something that can cure a friend. Unfortunately, things take a wrong turn and an attempt to cure others will lead to a devastating epidemic that will cause an entire hospital to be locked down.

At the same time, Malcolm and Paul go after the last remnants of the Vicious Circle and are having a relatively easy time of it until Brawn arrives. Things get even more dangerous when an old enemy with some new enhanced powers arrives on the scene bent on revenge against the Circle itself.

The Story: Larsen delivers a fun, exciting and action filled romp throughout this issue. There is some great tension in the beginning of the issue and an unexpected moment that has some interesting resonance. The rest of the story is action packed and filled with great dialogue and humor.

The Art: Larsen delivers the gore, fun and action you expect from a Savage Dragon story and this issue has some visually exciting moments throughout.

Savage Dragon #262



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