SamuariJack_LostWorlds_cvrA-1 (1)Samurai Jack Lost Worlds #3

IDW Publishing

Written by Paul Allor

Art by Adam Bryce Thomas

Letters by Christa Meisner

The Rundown: Jack is making his way through a local forest when he finds himself ensnared in a bear trap. What makes things even worse is that he’s been trapped by some heavily armed bears.

Breaking free and fighting for his life, Jack finds himself knocked out and thrown in the back of a paddy wagon with some other prisoners. Prisoners that are hiding their own secrets. When the bears find out that they are carrying Samurai Jack, things get more intense.


Jack manages to get himself free with the help of a very talkative prisoner. When they escape, Jack discovers a secret that will change everything about the situation he finds himself in.

The Story: I like the simple, straightforward nature of this story and how it unfolds. Paul Allor does a great job of building this story at a good pace over time. It allows the reader to become immersed in the story as well as become curious about the characters. I wanted to know more about Jack’s fellow prisoners and the Bears who captured him. What made the story more interesting was how Allor is able to build the story with dialogue that engaged the reader and presented a twist that was both surprising and satisfying.

The Art: Adam Bryce Thomas delivers some gorgeous looking art. All of the characters look great and there is a sense of movement and action in the art.

Samurai Jack Lost Worlds #3




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