SamuariJack_LostWorlds_cvrASamurai Jack Lost Worlds #2

IDW Publishing

Written by Paul Allor

Art by Adam Bryce Thomas

Letters by Christa Miesner

The Rundown: A local legend will ensnare Jack as he continues his journey and once confronted with the truth, the Samurai will have to make a decision about what to do next.

Jack is continuing his journey in a new and savage land. His travels will take him to a local pub where the inhabitants seem friendly enough until Jack decides that he wants to continue his journey through what the locals call the “Empty Village”. Everyone warns Jack that the village is haunted and the evil surrounding it has negatively affected everyone in the surrounding villages.

Undeterred, Jack makes his way to the Empty Village only to find that it is not as empty as he thought. A battle with unseen forces will test the Samurai’s resolve and when he discovers the truth about the village itself, he will have to make a decision that could affect multiple lives and the strength of the legend itself.

The Story: This issue has everything that appeals to fans of the animated series Samurai Jack. Paul Allor nails everything that is great about the character and the world that he inhabits. The story is straightforward and all of the elements work to both please fans of the series and engage newcomers to the character.

The Art: Adam Bryce Thomas does amazing work with the art in this issue. Everything from the characters to the lush and detailed backgrounds looks amazing.

Samurai Jack Lost Worlds #2




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